Arnis declared as National Martial Art and Sport

Filipino martial arts Arnis is declared as national martial arts. The President of  Philippines, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has signed the law which declared arnis as the national martial art of Philippines. The newly signed law insists that Arnis should be the primary sport that is to be played in the annual national games. The Filipino martial arts Arnis is now taken as a part of the physical education by Education Departments. These acts help with the conservation of the Filipino martial arts Arnis as an integral part of the Filipino heritage.

Arnis is also know as kaliradman, garrote, Kali, kalirongan, Eskrima, didja and kabaraon. The extended name of Arnis is Arnis de Mano.

Arnis consists of many open handed fighting techniques and also short weapon techniques with kali sticks and knifes. Kali sticks are very famous on martial arts domain. Kali stick were brought to attention when it was played by martial art legend, Bruce lee , in the martial arts movie, Enter the Dragon.

Dan Inosanto, Roland Dantes, Remy Presas and Ernesto Presas  are some of the famous arnis practitioners.

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Martial Arts Software

I was thinking for a while for developing a Martial Arts Software Application for martial arts schools and martial arts organizations. There are lot of martial arts software applications in market, but with high prices, which made me think of developing a free open source Martial Arts Schools Software. I was on the verge to make more research for the features for this software. I would like to make it a big one with lot of features.  The only thing that stands between is the fund for the development of this software!!!

This martial arts software application will have various features like martial arts billing, martial arts management, online martial arts training, martial arts consulting, member solutions, etc  to automate martial arts schools, martial arts shop, martial arts suppliers, martial arts marketing, martial arts instructors, martial arts stores,  and other martial arts business.

I appreciate your thoughts on the features for this free martial arts software.

If you would like to contribute for the development of the Open source martial arts software either with your ideas, thoughts or even funds. Please comment here.

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This fighting video have came up online many times, the Shaolin monk vs tae kwon do fighter . I haven’t find any info regarding this video more than some forum postings, blog comments, etc with some assumptions… Anyway the shaolin kung fu which the Shaolin monk demonstrated is highly impressive. Its a rate clip indeed. If any one have other info regarding this please comment, if so it would be helpful.

I didn’t exactly remember the name of the shaolin defensive style (which lightly resembles the praying mantis). I was taught its basics when I was learning sparing in traditional Chinese systems. It’s a great piece of a galaxy.


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Cung Le -vs- Shamrock & Liu Kang -vs- Shinnok

Cung Le -vs- Frank Shamrock & Liu Kang -vs- Shinnok

Lot of days passed since Cung Le had his last fight with Frank Shamrock. Cung Le entered  MMA as a tornado, destructing everything in the path. And at last he met up with the champion holding the Strikeforce title, Frank Shamrock. That fight was the one which I had waited for many weeks to watch. The one which I watched eagerly, in my toes. At last, the fight ended the way I expected. A high kick…

I was just seeing a comparison with Cung Le -vs – Frank Shamrock fight with the  pagodas of old fighting game MK4 ( Mortal combat 4). The last person who you should defeate is Shinnok. After that you are the champ, no fights… Like that, fans are waiting for Cung lee’s next fight for more than one year. Liu Kang was a Chinese martial artist, just like what Cung le is famous for. And the similarities between Shamrock – Shinnok and Cung Le – Liu Kang is funny. Liu Kang’s main skill was his kicks (flying side kick, Chinese legend Late Master Wong Fei Hong’s ‘No Shadow Kick’ / ‘Kick with no Shadows’, etc) and same was that of Cung Lee. Both of their fighting is colorful.

Anyway, am also waiting for Cung Le’s next fight…

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Martial Arts Blog : Post your Martial Art articles

World of Martial art . com is looking for martial artist who would like to submit their martial art related articles to our martial arts blog. Articles can be anything, it can be your ideas, about your martial art,  martial arts instructional tutorials, your views, your fighting experience, etc . The content should be not be copied from any other website or use in any sites in future (I just don’t want Search engines to give me penalty).

If any one is interested, please comment to this post. I will contact you through your email.

(%) peace …

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Martial Arts Blog : Boxing and Martial arts

Do any one feels that Boxing should be regarded as a martial art?

In my opinion, boxing can be regarded as a martial art in sports level, just like the judo, sanshou (sanda) etc. But it cant be regarded as a well martial arts thing since it lacks many many area which a common martial arts will have, one example is to kill, and to heal… What do you think? Please  post your opinions as comment.

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Martial Arts Blog: Chen Shi Xing – Wudang Kung Fu Master

Wudang Kung Fu Master: Chen ShiXing

Master Chen ShiXing (Chen Shi Xing) is a one of the real wudang kung fu heros left in time. Chen Shi Xing is an experienced Kung fu master in both wushu performance and martial art application. Master Chen ShiXing started learning with pugilism at the age of 7 and then studied under Wudang kungfu Master Zhong Yunlong. In 2007 Chen Shi Xing founded Wudang Taoist Kungfu School, which was his long time dream.

Do you feel that he us good enough for UFC to prove the strength of IMA (Internal Martial Arts, Internal Kung fu ). Unfortunately we seldom see any Chinese in UFC and other MMA events outside china.

See these kung fu videos and let me know what you think of.

Wudang Kung fu Master Chen ShiXing



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